I’m a 21st Century Digital Boy!

Hehe, once again it has been awhile since my last post. This is due in no small part to my weekend with Dave, and also my preoccupation with Neverwinter Nights. I thought I’d better make another entry quick before ‘oh whiny one’ notices.

For my birthday Dave gave me an awesome new keyboard. I only just got around to plugging it in. But wow, it is so nice! The last one I had must have been a little bit smaller than the standard size keyboard (no, really) I would come home from work (where I type alot) and then not be used to typing on my own keyboard. Spaces between the keys were definitely different between the two keyboards. I’d never experienced that before then.

I love the way this new keyboard feels under my hands. Ah, bliss. Bliss. Thanks Dave!

Today is my day off. Tomorrow I’m planning on going to another concert. I’ma goin’ to see the Doobie Brothers!!!! Yay!!!

I only like classic rock. And I’ve been to a few concerts. Each concert I get under my belt literally feels like a new feather in my cap.

Concerts I’ve been to:

Eddie Money – (awful)
Three Dog Night – (awesome)
Mark Knopfler – (awesome)
Gordon Lightfoot – (awesome)
Michael Bolton – (awesome)
Chicago – (not bad)
Lifehouse – (so-so)
Turtles, Paul Revere, Grass Roots – (pretty cool)

Today I’ve GOT to clean my room, pay my bills, and do some phone calling stuff. This wedding stuff is finally getting wrapped up. Now all I really have to do is get the license. I also have to make dinner…I have to recycle the left-over beef brisquet we had last night. Hmmm. I guess I’m running a bit behind this morning. =) I got stuck watching TV. I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for the 5th or 6th time. I love that movie. It makes me long for karate again.

For those who don’t know, I studied the martial art of Tang Soo Do for approx. 5-6 years. I really loved it, and did pretty well. I loved the tourneys, and the katas we would do. I used to be extremely proficient with the bo, knife, and even sword. I earned my 1st Gup Red belt (last color before black) a year or two before I had to quit. And missed several chances to be tested for black belt. That will always be one of the disappointments in my life, I think. It’s a shame to go so far and quit before reaching your goal. I will always feel badly about it.
I never wanted to quit, but I had just bought a car and needed to work on the karate days in order to afford it. Aww.

Boy, I’m just rambling and trotting down memory lane here. I guess I’ll wrap up. I’m starting to miss Neverwinter now.

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