poof! no more…

packet loss. I fixed that. The linksys hub I was using to connect all the wired systems was dying, apparently. Switch to the rescue. Only now, the internet connection isn’t working.

I suspect that the rain storm today has something to do with it, but I’m going to have to go rattle someone’s cage at the ISP tomorrow. ):

If everything just worked, I wouldn’t learn anything, now would I?

UPDATE: Apparently an animal or something chewed through the coaxial cable that connects me to the antenna outside my house. It’s all working now, and it appears to be far more healthy. Booyah.

  1. So you have a dish?

    Can you give us some stats on your bandwidth and latency?

  2. LINKSYS! I could’ve told you that. Colin P. Hill dubbed it the hub of infinite packet loss.

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