Chocobo racing professionally

So my melissa-pie is playing Final Fantasy X. The final fantasy series has never been my thing, but it’s right up her ally. I do like to watch sometimes, because it’s a pretty game though. Now and then, Melissa cons me into playing a mini-game for her.

Tonight, she talked me into chocobo racing for her. Now don’t get me wrong, I did it of my own free will. Let me tell you though, it was maddening and addictive. Riding a large yellow bird through a balloon field, with oncoming seagulls bent on slowing down my progress.

It’s a race, and each balloon I manage to nab shaves three seconds off my final time. Conversely, each freakin’ bird that hits me momentarily stuns me, then costs me three seconds from my total race time.

The race itself takes about 35-40 seconds before penalties and bonuses are factored in. I’ve managed to get my factored score down to two-point-four seconds. Melissa has heard tell that a nice item comes from getting your time down to zero seconds.

I just can’t do it!! I will try more later, but the game is maddening. First off, the chocobo doesn’t always run the way you command it. Next, the birds sometimes come out of nowhere to smash into me, slowing me down. The guy I’m racing sometimes steals balloons or knocks me into incoming bird traffic. Sometimes my chocobo jumps *into* incoming bird traffic.

!! sleepy time… before I hurt the PS/2. (:

  1. You think that’s addictive? I thought that (and the butterfly catching) was the most aggrivating part of FFX.

    You should play FFIX, if you haven’t already. Chocobo Hot and Cold: now that’s a cool and addictive sub-quest. I could play that for hours… (literally!) =D

    Besides, I like FFIX generally better than FFX. The only thing FFX had over it was that it was so pretty. And the dragons didn’t have feathers =S.

  2. Dude, your font messes up my smilies. =Þ

  3. Muahaahaaaaa, Look what I have DONE!

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