fond farewell, for the time being

Melissa and I were able to witness a beautiful wedding between Eri(c|k)sons this weekend. It was quite a joyful occasion to see Joel and Amy wed. I can’t say enough good things about friends getting married. It makes me happy. I’m looking forward to the funky/gibbs wedding coming up. (:

It gives me pause to stop and think, when I see how many of my friends really are getting hitched. It’s fun to see.

I was also quite proud to be able to house my goodest of friends and his lovely wife for the night last night. We got to visit for quite a while, driving around and then during lunch as well. It’s quite a pleasure to spend time with Nate. I really like that guy.

  1. Technically, I think you really meant Erick?son.

    And yes, the visitage was pure goodness.

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