Why, pray tell?

Apparently, stupid children are now popping cold pills (aka skittles ?) for a mild hallucinogenic effect. This leads to all kinds of health issues, just like any drug abuse. Currently, this form of cold pill is not regulated. Parents of effected children are calling for legal controls on this medicine. Good deal. Let’s make the government step in and take over where parents fail. We’ve already seen how effective goverment is at doing such things.

Also, it’s illegal to purchase or own matches, iodine, peroxide, pseudoephedrine. Granted, these also happen to be ingredients for methamphetmine, but what the heck people? Should walmart employees be blowing the whistle on stock-up shoppers?

What a wonderful world.

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with pointing them out. If someone is buying those specific items in quantites that would last a normal family about 10 years then there is an overwhelming chance that they are making meth or performing illegal black market surgeries(most don’t purchase from walmart though).
    If its a legit purchase, that just sucks. I find it hard to believe that they would arrest them just on the evidence of those purchases. I think there was further evidence not listed in the paper. The purchase probably just triggered a catch or sent the police to investigate the house where they might have found a lab.

  2. i just re-read the article.
    To make an arrest like that, they had to have a lot of the ingredients, and specifically exactly what is used to make meth. The police failed though, if they get a good lawyer they are off. The police should have waited, followed, and caught them in the act of cooking. Thats how they do it in KC. Actually, they also try and get you to sell it to them in a school zone. Big penalty.
    I don’t have problem with the purchases raising a red flag, but the police definitely should have collected more evidence first, even though i’d say there is a 95% chance they are making meth.

  3. Skittling is not new. Shows how ignorant most parents are. The question is, as a parent how do you keep your kids from skittling? I mean, I understand that you just raise them right, but even kids who are raised well sometimes lash out anyways. Its just part of the growing process. I whole heartedly agree that the parents are the #1 to blame, but does moving it to the pharmacy hurt anything? It would prevent a 16 yr. old from buying 4 boxes of it from the 16 yr. old at the checkout.

  4. As for the meth sting, that’s what I’m saying. The article doesn’t mention anything at all about them *actually making* meth. It only says that they had all the ingredients. It also says they were convicted of possession with intent. Either the article left out critical facts, or the law is screwed up.

    Sure, it’s obvious that they probably intended to make meth. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Like I said, bullhooey.

  5. As for the skittling, where does it end? Any number of things that are found in the automotive or cleaning sections at walmart, liquids available at a gas station, and plants/fungii that grow all over the place can cause these sorts of effects. When are we going to force some personal responsibility and stop turning the world into some sort of massive rubber room for kids?

  6. I find it hard to believe that they will be found guilty simply on possesion. Stupid cops. My dad was in the jury on a case where they actually found coke on the guy and he still got off.
    There are possession laws, but it takes a lot to convict on them.
    Its all about lawyers.

    I agree with the rubber room thing, until its my kid in the emergency room. I hope i’m able to raise my kid so that does not happen, but even good kids with good parents do stupid stuff sometimes. I mean, what do you say when your kid is in the hospital? I guess i would blame myself and just be thankful they are ok. I think we need to make kids watch Req. for a Dream! That would have turned me off drugs!

    So whats your thoughts on the people sueing walmart for selling GTA:Vice City to the kids who went on a shooting rampage “inspired” by the game?
    Thats bullhooey.

  7. The Stupid People vs. Walmar makes me want to go on a shooting spree, just like i do in GTA!!! oh wait…

  8. Josh S, Word Nazi

    That’s “affected children,” not “effected children.”

  9. Here are some really good suggestions about how to find and prevent skittling, listening to rap, and other problems today’s youth have.

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