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So Jerry and I are 1 and 1 on our first bout of War3. Good game, perhaps? I’m still undecided. I’ve not yet played the single player though, so I’m not gonna pass judgement. We’re gonna play the deciding round here as soon as he’s off the phone. So we’ll see.

Today was monumentally unproductive at work. I was pulled in like 3 different directions. I couldn’t really go in any of them though, so I ended up going no where. He who hesitates is lost. Sometimes he who doesn’t hesitate is lost as well.

I’ve really been having troubles with this sugar thing lately. I suppose I should go see a Doctor about it. My old family doctor’s diagnosis was “that’s cool”. I’m not one to put huge weight into what a doctor says anyway. He’s just going off guesswork half the time, just like me. I realize his guesses are more informed than mine, but hey, it’s still a guess.

Auto insurance has been on my mind lately. I’m trying to do the responsible ‘adult’ thing and get my own, instead of continuing to mooch off my parents. Kinda time for that, since the wedding is 23 days away. It looks like it isn’t going to be too painful to pay for, so that is good.

I’m digging this whole cable modem thing. It’s affordable, I’m thinking. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be, but it is, especially now that I own the modem. (yay $37 ebay modem.)

Sometimes it’s rough when you have a gripe about a good friend. There is no nice way to tell them they’re wrong (or at least that they’re not right). There isn’t even an easy way to get someone else to do it for you. I’m really having a hard time deciding if I should let it go, and give it to God to deal with, or if I’m supposed to confront them. Regardless, it’s God’s for now. ::sigh::

Enough of that though. It’s bed time for me. Sweet blissful sleep here I come. (:

Update: I ended up beating Jerry for the night, 3:1. Ah, I dig resource management. I suck at war3 thus far, but tis all good.

(ok, so one last thing. I’m psyched about the possibility of group Dark Age this fall. I think it could be a lot of fun. 🙂

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