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I, like many, saw and moderately enjoyed Matrix: Revolutions. I don’t claim that there weren’t plot holes, but it was still a mildly enjoyable jaunt into a fiction world. It left me hungering for something more… Matrixy though. Something in the spirit of the original Matrix.

(for the remainder of the discussion, let’s pretend that the scene with Neo and Trinity popping through the cloud cover never happened. Forgotten that? ok, good, back to my narrative)

So I got to thinking. How could we make a fourth matrix movie, only this one wouldn’t suck like the previous successors did. What could we base our movie on? Well, let’s think about this. The machines are very smart, sentient beings with lots of manufacturing capability. Inexplicably, they’re still very succeptable to electric shock (lightening and/or EMP), so they haven’t moved beyond the stormy cloud cover that is all the rage on Earth at that time.

Wrong boy-o! You only *thought* that the machines had limited themselves to Earth’s surface. Why would they limit themselves like that? In reality, they moved off-world soon after the sky got charred. They left behind a few of themselves (for reasons I’ll go into later), but most of them moved out into space and built a Dyson sphere around the sun, maximizing their energy input. With that energy influx, they’ve been progressing their technology nicely during the last 200-odd years.

Back to earth. Why are there still machines there on earth, pretending that they need humans to play duracell for them? It would turn out that the machines are in fact somewhat benevolent. When the humans went to war with the machines, eventually scarring the sky, the machines envisioned the Matrix to reshape the human view of the machine. Through each revision, slight changes were made to the group awareness. Slight changes in the total awareness of the machines. The goal of course was to eventually mold humanity into a useful tool, if such a thing were in fact possible. If nothing else, it would provide valuable research into biological beings.

Then the most recent incarnation of the “the One” comes along, as well as the Smith. The “war” that had been being used to prod humanity along is no longer viable, so a new course should be taken. Since the earth is basically a barren chunk of rock, it’s not as though all those humans can be freed from the Matrix. There is no food, no shelter, no viable means of production, etc. Given the human’s incessant need for change and innovation though, a compromise is reached.

Humanity is given control of pocket matrices. Each mini-matrix essentially allows plugins to be written for it, allowing local changes to the rules. These allow for many interesting things to happen. These suffice for most of the population. They allow for a few to understand the nature of the matrix though, and people begin to adjust it for their own benefit. Mayhem ensues.

Also, once they are made aware of actual conditions outside the matrix (in the desert of the real), people are allowed to remove themselves from it. That would also be an interesting storyline to follow. People could rebuild earth, start over on a new planet, etc. That’s where the Dyson sphere comes in. Perhaps the machines would let humans tap a part of the energy they have been collecting, storing, and using from the sun for the last 200 years. Perhaps they have made significant forays into science, and humans could implement new toys based on that. Or use those advances to make interesting pocket matrices.

I may return to these thoughts at a later date, and I may not. I was just thinking to myself what a rich universe the Matrix provides, and what a shame it was that the second two movies weren’t quite what the first one was. I was also sort of riding a high from making a huge breakthrough at work, and I decided to let my brain free wheel for a few minutes. Oh well, back to work. (btw, sorry for the huge delay since my last post. I’ve been avoiding posting for some reason. Now that I realize what I was doing, I’ll stop. 🙂

  1. I almost feel the desire to see the third movie now.

  2. That’s a cool idea. Perhaps you can work that the machines are in fact enslaved by a more advanced more powerful life form. They could be nano life forms that can bend the will of the machines.

    anyway. Dave rocked at work this week. I’m not even being sarcastic. He really came through.

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