I’ve been trying to get to a tire store to replace the tires on the LeBaron for weeks now. Things just haven’t worked out. The tires have been getting progressively worse. Last night, we finally saw clear to get down to walmart (30 minutes away) for some replacements.

The passenger front tire ended up blowing on the way down, though. Not just getting a little hole and going flat either. It shredded itself. Or, I shredded it, to be completely truthful.

So, out came spare and jack. The spare was awesome. It’s a regular tire and rim, none of this donut stuff. The jack on the other hand… It wasn’t so hot. It took me several minutes just to figure out how to make the stupid handle they provided actually *raise* the jack. I think I may have broken the handle in the course of the tire replacement, but overall, it was a painless effort. A guy was even kind enough to stop and shine a flashlight for me towards the end, when it was getting dark.

So praise God for the tire blowing. Seriously. I wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere. Nowhere important anyway. I was in the car, so Melissa wasn’t stranded with a flat. It wasn’t raining or freezing cold out. Overall, it just happened, and life goes on. Providence is comforting.

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