bubba lives

My 1987 Mercury Cougar runs once more! I spent a few hours today, and with help from Dad and my brother Matt, we got Bubba pulled out of the weeds at Grandma and Grandpa’s where he’s been for almost three years. He now runs (albeit roughly). The plan for now is to get plates for him, change the oil, check the brakes, get a new battery, and drive him for a month or two until my brother Joe has time to attend to him.

Once Joe has time, he and I are going to either swap the engine out for a 302 that I traded for (which only has 20k miles on it) or else rebuild the 3.8L engine and matching transmission that’s already in it. We’ll see.

I’ve missed my old car. I like it a lot. Hopefully it will treat me well as a commuter vehicle, now that my commute is 20 miles a day, instead of 850 miles a week. (:

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  1. Sweet! Is the 302 from an old Cougar/T-bird, or from a Mustang?

  2. It’s from a ’93 F150.

  3. aye, like Melissa says, it’s from an F150. Unlike the 3.8L, which is throttle-body injected, the new 302 is multipoint fuel-injected, so that and the increase in displacement should combine to yield an nice increase in power.

  4. Hmmm…is that the I6, then, or did it have a v8 in it? Reason I’m asking is because the only specs I can find say that the available options were a 4.9L I6 and a 5.8L V8.

  5. Truth be told, I don’t know what an I6 is, although Jerry just informed me that it’s an inline six. I’m very sure that there are two rows of four cylinders on this engine. Jerry also reminds me that it was Dad who helped rebuild that engine, so the 302 is probably solid.

  6. You selected the following:

    Year: 1993 Change
    Make: FORD TRUCK Change
    Model: F150 1/2 TON P/U 2WD Change

    Please Select Your Vehicle’s Engine:
    The percentage of use for each engine in a 1993 FORD TRUCK F150 1/2 TON P/U 2WD is also included below.

    6 Cylinder Engines
    6 Cylinders 300 Y 4.9L FI No percentages available
    6 Cylinders 232 3.8L FI (MEX) No percentages available
    8 Cylinder Engines
    8 Cylinders 351 H 5.8L FI 15 %
    8 Cylinders 351 R 5.8L EFI No percentages available
    8 Cylinders 302 N 5.0L FI 85 %

    Well, 85% of them were 302s. Hmmm. Maybe Dave is right.

  7. Well, I’ll admit I’m a complete idiot, but this was my thought process:

    “Hmm, I wonder how much horsepower a 302 in an F150 made? I’ll bet more than 145. Gee, I don’t know. I’ll Google it.”

    …about half an hour passes…

    …all I’m finding are stupid forum entries about how to put headers or trailer hitches on your F150…

    …nothing about a 302…

    …no one has any info…

    …I don’t know where to look…

    “Hmmm, these two sites only list a 4.9L I6 and a 5.7L v8. Maybe Dave has the I6? Did Ford make a 302 I6? I don’t know! Maybe it’s because I don’t know everything! After all, I’m not in Northern Indiana looking at the engine, so I don’t exactly know what he’s talking about, AND I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING ON THE DAMN INTERNET!”

  8. So no, it’s not due to me trying to make Dave look like an idiot. It was due to my own ignorance and inability to find the information I was looking for via the only resource at my disposal. Strangely enough, they don’t have anything in the math library here on the subject.

  9. For some info on the cougar stock specs, this link is helpful to me.

    It’s not real helpful in determining the horsepower that my new engine is likely to produce though, since the stock 5.0L was throttle-body injected, whereas this engine is multi-point injected.

  10. Well josh the main reason you can’t find anything is because Ford guys don’t ever publish any hard numbers about anything. In general ford performance is often more qualitative than quantitative.

  11. So to sum up qualitativly:

    Dave has a running cougar with many many miles. He now plans on putting in a Ford Tough engine in it from a newer pickup with fewer miles on it. The new engine is Ford Blue and makes a lot of noise.

    There, that should do it.

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