things that make me want to kill people

First thing this morning at work, I had to read through a patent application for correctness. Legal writing makes me angry, and more than just a little angry. It’s written specifically to obfuscate its actual purpose. It’s written just to make me want to go postal.

Which is exactly how I felt when I got done reading the legal document, and took a look at my blog. I had two comments, both were blog spam. They were advertising the aktins diet and term life insurance. They both kill puppies in their spare time, I’m sure.

So, I think I need to craft some verbage to link from the comments that basically states “if the link that you post contains *anything* except a link to your personal homepage or blog, then you accept responsibility for any DDOS that may fall upon that linked site.”.

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  1. MT has a plugin (MT-Blacklist) that supposedly helps somewhat with the new wave of blog spam. Might have to upgrade your installation somewhat (I think they’ve fixed some security holes as a bonus).

  2. ahh,
    I love legal writing!
    I read it instead of normal books.
    I wish i was a patent attorney so i could write it! That would be a great life. Making lots of money to write legal papers. WOO HOO!!!!
    I think i’d be so happy that i would kill myself over the absolute meaninglessness of my existence.

  3. Hey Melissa-

    I know this has nothing to do with the post, but I didn’t know if your e-mail isn’t working or something? I know Thanksgiving is coming up, I just wanted to wish you and Dave a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope God blesses you both with happiness during the Holidays. I also wanted to tell you that if you are still going to visit your parents, you are still more than welcome to stop by and see me. I will be home all weekend and would love to see you. Even if only for a few minutes, and I still have your bracelet. Anyways, I miss talking to ya and I hope everything is going well for you. You can e-mail me anytime.

    p.s. My parents told me to tell you that they send lots of hugs to you for Thanksgiving. =)

  4. Blog spam? Wow, never knew that existed.

    Well since I’m here…
    Want to lose 30 pounds in 3 days? Amputation: the diet of the times!

  5. How about just a hand? I only wanna lose a few pounds, and a hook would be cool!

  6. Yeah, but wouldn’t a hook weight more than a hand. . .

  7. Becky brings a valid point Trav. Your plan sounds more like a painful way to gain five pounds. (:

  8. oh ya,
    still, a hook would be cool.
    I bet a peg leg weighs less than a real leg!
    eye patch vs. eye ball??

  9. Maybe a lightweight plastic hook?

  10. carbon fiber!

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