Entry #350

Mikey and I usually leave up an icq window between us while we’re at work, for random questions, rants, etc. He got back from a meeting, and announced such via icq. This is the (very random) conversation (if you can call it that) that followed:

Mikey – Work: back
dave – work: front
Mikey – Work: left
dave – work: top
Mikey – Work: pop
dave – work: sprite
Mikey – Work: pixel
dave – work: bitmap
Mikey – Work: background
dave – work: process
Mikey – Work: fork
dave – work: river
Mikey – Work: pheonix
dave – work: arizona
Mikey – Work: battleship
dave – work: miss
Mikey – Work: mister
dave – work: sprayer
Mikey – Work: clean
dave – work: McClean
Mikey – Work: irish
dave – work: arg, you win… I meant McLean
dave – work: As in Don McLean
dave – work: (:
Mikey – Work: w00t
* Mikey – Work does victory dance

  1. David – home: haha, fun stuff

  2. It would be nice to see the time stamps — to see how quick you both are with your wit! (Nice to see you’re both being so productive at work as well 😉 )

  3. I checked my icq log, to see if I had time stamps enabled (you would be impressed by how quickly those messages went back and forth), but alas, I didn’t.

  4. yo dave, what’s your email address?

    i tried to send you the following in an email but it bounced.

    not too long ago i saw you posted that you’re still reading. thanks! i read your blog the other day. i like the idea of a fourth matrix, but after two and three i say let the horse die. heard anything about land owners wanting less deer on their land? where is this land exactly? where in the world are you now? i thought you were in Californ aye eh. send me an email, eh? my address is drdra55awithacirclearoundithotmail.com

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