Ah, AP, how I love thee

Took a long time to get into work today, since there are 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. Average number of foolish people out on the roads. It does look beautiful out there though.

I heard the most wonderful thing on the radio. Well, actually, it was horrible, but at least they said it right. The AP news wire had a 20 second blurb about a HOMICIDE bomber who attacked a Russian train recently. Finally, someone got the verbage right. These people are criminals. It’s not important that they also die in the crime. What’s important to me is all the people who are killed by their indiscretion.

  1. I’ve decided that indiana does not know how to handle snow.

  2. Indiana knows how to handle snow a lot better than North Carolina! That’s for certain!

  3. At least you (probably) don’t have to worry about people freaking out and refusing to drive when there isn’t even any snow on the ground. I remember being at the dentist once last winter, and one of the hygenists was afraid to get out in her car and go home because it was powder snowing. Note: there wasn’t any snow accumulating on the ground whatsoever.

    I hate to think how horrible it was when we got that inch or two last month.

    And you should see how they drive in the rain out here… -_-;

  4. Ok… You win…

  5. Heh. Think what would happen if we got snow in Houston. 🙂

    “Homicide bomber” has been used on Fox News for a while, I think. I remember reading a NRO (or somesuch) article about “homicide bomber” vs. “suicide bomber” several months ago.

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