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Melissa and I learned that right about now is the time that our child should be finished (or nearly so) with the generation of all internal organs. From this point on, most of the development will be growth and fine feature refinement. Such a wonderful thing, the development of a child in his mother’s womb. Praise God for His miraculous creation.

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  1. Have you ever seen the baby exhibit at Chicago Science and Industry?
    Its kind of disturbing but also really neat to be able to see the stages of development in the womb.

  2. Yeah, I saw that in grade school. Cool at the time, but I think that I would appreciate it a lot more now. I think Melissa and I may have to run up that way one of these days.

  3. Ya,
    I never liked it when I was younger, but when I saw it in college it was fascinating.
    It really gives you a whole new perspective on the growth of a baby. Its amazing how fast they develop. If you are running up there sometime and want some company, give me a call because I need to go up there and go to the time exhibit. I want to take some notes on clockmaking and escapements.

  4. I remember that one. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry has to be about my favorite Museum to go to. =)

    They even have those snowboarding/waterskiing games in one section. I’m horridly bad about those things.

    I really enjoyed reading through the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book. It has a lot of stuff in there, and it takes you through each month and what you will probably be experiencing, along with discussing the baby’s growth and development.

  5. We should plan a trip up there, I’d have a blast too =)

  6. you guys suck… I wanna go too…

    I miss you guys!

  7. We also like What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Also the other ones in the series (. . .the First Year, and . . .the Toddler Years or something like that).

    FYI, you probably don’t need to go up to Chicago to see the stages of birth. Even money says your local crisis pregnancy center has as much information as you could ever want or need to know about the stages of birth.

  8. Sorry, that should be “the stages of gestation.”

  9. Melissa and I got a big coffee table style book with full page color photos of the entire process from conception to birth. It was pricey, but well worth the cost.

  10. Man, almost like that’s a human being in there!

  11. Ya,
    but even pictures aren’t the same as seeing the real thing, plus the musuem is just cool.

  12. Congrabulations and stuff.

  13. Your baby must be all tuckered out from all that organ forming.

  14. Your baby must be all tuckered out from all that organ forming.

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