new template itch

So, because the most unlikely people have been updating their templates, it’s given me the urge to update my own, and offer a new, fresh look for the painted pig blog.

Anyone have any suggestions? What would look nice?

  1. You totally need a pig graphic somewhere on the site. Maybe something subtle in the background…but definitely a site caled Painted Pig needs a Painted Pig somehwere other than that little icon.

  2. Yeah, you’re right. The pig motif is definitely there. Melissa really wants me to work this guy in somewhere, but I just don’t know how:

  3. The simple thing to do would be to shrink that image and put it to the very left in the title bar. (Goody Two-Shoes style)

    I rather like your current sheet, but change is always good. Just as long as you keep it simple and readable, I’m sure most people will be fine with whatever you end up doing.

  4. well, there is no reason to get rid of any of the old styles, I’m just in the mood to add a new one, that’s all. (:

  5. You could turn the image into something monocromatic (say, blue) and put it in the background. Or it could be in the background of your comments.

  6. Let me just re-iterate how much that picture freaks me out and I wish its bits were banished to /dev/null.

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