Speedway to Nazareth

So yesterday was a huge day for me. So much happened. I went to the Doobie Brothers concert. It didn’t turn out to be anything like I planned. It was singly the most crowded concert I have ever been to. The people were so rowdy. Much more than I’m used to. I got to sniff second-hand dope, and breath second-hand smoke the whole evening. Not to mention the beach balls everyone in the crowd were throwing. I spent the night dodging them and protecting my friend Karen from them. She was extremely afraid of being hit. She’s very much the nervous type. The ticket stubs said that the concert was set for 7:30pm. At 8pm the opening act came out. It was a comedian who also happened to be a Detroit cop. He was crude and inappropriate, I certainly wouldn’t want a Detroit cop coming to rescue me! I was a little embarrassed.

He stopped at 9pm and then out came the Doobies. They were loud, and the crowd had grown impatient from all the waiting and boredom. Everyone was pushing, hitting, screaming, and making obscene gestures at each other by then. Again, I was embarrassed. My embarrassment only grew when people started dancing. Ew. Gross.

When I got home, my Dave called me. Some things were bothering me and I had much to discuss with him. Which wasn’t fun because I just wanted to visit and tell him about my night. We haven’t really gotten to “talk” or enjoy each other’s company much since the weekend ended. He put my heart at ease last night and gently pointed out some of my own wrongs. I felt better for seeing things in a new light. We prayed and then I went to bed. I slept pretty well.

I had to work today to make up for leaving for the concert early last night. I woke up tired and the day proved to be long. I am home now, just in time to celebrate my little brother’s 17th birthday. I bought him a neat clock.

I am thinking about washing my boy kitty. I am coming to Dave’s (our) house to stay for a week starting this weekend and I would like him (the CAT, not Dave. Dave is Dave.) to look nice. He hasn’t met Jerry and Elizabeth yet. I want them to be impressed by his glorious beauty and winning personality (Dave, if you smirk I’ll stomp your big toe). I am very excited about my visit. I plan on setting up my house and get it looking the way I’d like so that it will be home to me when I get back from my honeymoon. Speaking of which, Dave hasn’t even told me where we’re going. He’s doing an excellent job of keeping quiet. It’s exciting, I like being surprised.

I have to finish my shower thank-you’s today and possibly do some running around?? Maybe.

Oh, oh and Dave sent me a wedding announcement with our picture on it. It must have come from a local paper somewhere’s in Indiana. So coooooolll!!!!

As for the wedding invites, very few people on Dave’s side have responded. In fact, his friend Shay and Autonomous and 3 family members are the only ones. It is imperative that the response cards are returned to my home. I have to know how many people plan on coming so the hall knows how much food to prepare. And how much to charge me for it. So if anyone knows for sure whether they can (or can not) come PLEASE let me or Dave know as soon as conveniently possible. This is important.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling. Until tomorrow.

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