A breath of fresh blog

I’ve discovered two new blogs today, and am very excited by both. Blogdom has been dead lately. The same old complaints, the same old drivel. These blogs hold the promise of something new.

Jon Webster‘s college roommate, Pete has started a blog. While I can’t pretend to agree with Pete on many social, political or religious issues, I do have a solid respect for Pete’s analytic abilities as well as his writing skills.

From Barlow’s blog comes news of Junkmail for Blankets. It’s written by a person who seems to have solid command of both their Christianity and creative writing. Hopefully he won’t dissapoint in either arena.

I’ll add these two to the blogroll later on. For now, I just wanted to record the URLs in a hand place where I wouldn’t lose them. (:

  1. dave,

    thanks for the blog-plug. that’s a lot of pressure to put on a guy.

    take care,

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