I can get you a toe…

So I’m sitting here waiting for Mikey to get Starcraft installed so that he can kick my butt (or maybe I’ll win? We’ll see.). I realize in thinking about my day that I’ve wanted to blog about no less than seven different items. They’re all out there on the edge of my consciousness though, so I’ll see what I can dredge back.

(ug, yes, he kicked my butt. Twice.)

Blog blog blog… What was I going to blog about? Poop.

I need something like a blog cache, where I can jot notes quickly and easily, and then work those into posts later. I’m just too busy during the day at work to take the time for a full post. Or something.

Ok, instead of wracking my brain and wasting your time by blogging about nothing, I’m going to go work on my cousin’s computer, like a good boy. Later y’all.

  1. You could always right up little posts and just not publish them. Then, when you time, copy them to a text file or something for later.

  2. MT, at least, will let you set posts as “drafts” which will not get published to the main page. I don’t know if they’ll appear in the proper location date-wise (i.e. they should appear when you change the status of the post, not when you first typed it).

    I just bookmark everything that looks mildly interesting. And a small to-blog.txt file in my home directory. Works out OK.

  3. … because we all know that Mr. Froyd is the paragon of timely blogging. 😉

  4. hehe, angel hit the nail on the head. (:

    MT does let you do draft posts, and they do show up correctly timewise, but there is no easy way to go back to them, that I know of. No “pending drafts” area or anything. It’s just a bit messy, so I avoid it.

    I could keep a text file, and probably will eventually. I’m just itching for a perfect widget, that’s all.

  5. Hey, so I haven’t posted for a week. Big deal. 🙂

  6. Blogger is awfully handy about saved drafts…

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