Lesbian Lingerie

Melissa and I made a walmart run last night for supplies. I needed a pair of shoes without a hole in them, and we needed fish food. We also needed two link cables so that we can play FF:CC at Tim’s tonight. (:

Picture this though: two rather portly womens were at the checkout lane in front of us. The more rotund of the pair was holding two very skimpy pieces of lingerie (size: Large). My brain was quick to point out to myself that they must be friends, likely buying a gift for a bachelorette party.

Melissa was kinda enough to point out that she thought they were together. Together in the grossest possible way that could involve two gravitationally challenged women of obvious redneck tendancy and two pieces of lingerie. She pointed out just enough facts (matching jewelry, odd behaviour, etc) to give her theory weight.

Erg. Just thinking back on it enough to write this account turns my stomach, literally. I hope my initial guess was more correct, that they were just friends buying gifts for some non-present third party.

  1. If they’re fat women, are they really Gravitaionally challenged? One would think they’d be Gravitationally superior.

    Also, is it just me, or has the love that dare not speak it’s name somehow become the love that won’t shut up?

  2. Be sure to let us know what you think of Crystal Chronicles. Ryan and I are (or at least I am =) ) interested in hearing what it’s like. Might be enough reason to get a second GBA.

  3. Imagine if the worlds of Zelda and Final Fantasy I were united in some kind of magical fairy world, where all graphics are good graphics.

    … ok, so you wanted something more in depth than that…

  4. Brandon and I just got back from spending V-day weekend in San Francisco. I think we may have seen that couple. Were they preparing for the honeymoon? 😀

  5. And two more friends with game boys?


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