So Melissa and I ended up playing Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronicles with Tim last night for about four and a half hours. It was a blast. Very easy to get into. I appreciated the use of the GBA as a controller because it meant that I could ready spells and items, sort my inventory, etc without slowing down the group progress in the game (usually).

The graphics were gorgeous. Great variation in the landscapes, monsters and dungeons. Typical quirky squaresoft storyline.

Each player can swap spells and items with other players. It was easy to figure out who was good at what task and swap around. The game manages to be both simple and challenging at the same time.

Overall, despite the high barrier to entry (gamecube, game, cables and a gba per player) I think this game is a win. I’d recommend it to anyone, especially to Ryan and Angel. I think FF:CC manages to take some of the cooler concepts from FFXI (job changing, spell/attack combos) and come up with simple/challenging analogues for them here.

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