legal wiggle

A random senator (think it was a senator) called the NEA a terrorist organization during a white house briefing. For obvious reasons, he’s since had to recant the statement.

We, not being so tightly bound to policallity, don’t have to recant. The NEA is paramount to a terrorist organization. There, I’ve said it. (:

Discuss, either for or against.

  1. I saw that. I thought it was funny. It wasn’t a senator, it was Rod Paige; Bush’s Education Secretary. Ha Ha

    I think he was basically right…

  2. On other educational fronts a 6th grader got 3 days suspension for having a SI Swim Suite edition.

    So… when a teacher teach 6th graders to use a condom its education. But when a bikini crops up it off to the dungeon?

  3. heh, ironic, isn’t it? Although I think the SI meaning of swimsuit is closer to “birthday suit” than to bikini.

    Obviously neither porn nor sexual education belong in schools.

  4. I agree. The school system does lose credit in my mind because of their two-faced nature

  5. I have a love/hate with the NEA,

    I do not think they are a terrorist organization. I think those words are a little strong. Teamsters, now that may be a different story.

    I think the NEA is way to powerful, and they have abused their power also. BUT they have also done some good. Teachers at one time were way underpaid and their benefits weren’t that great(depending on the school district, and I still think many teachers are underpaid).

    NEA – Not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I honestly do not think that they are the most horrible union in the country.

  6. Blatant sexuality in school is fine unless you feel like punishing someone for it.

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