Service with a smile

On the drive to work this morning I caught a radio news snippet saying that a group of death row inmates are protesting some “inhumane treatment” they perceive to be perpetrated on them. They are protesting by going on a hunger strike.

That’s what I call service. Now we don’t even have to kill them, they die voluntarily, eh? Smooth.

  1. Well, it’s probably not a stupid idea to investigate the allegations: it’s perfectly conceivable that they are, in fact, being treated in a fashion which is inhumane or “cruel or unusual”. Not that I don’t appreciate the irony, though.

  2. C’mon they are criminals on death row. Who cares if they are being treated in a cruel fashion? It’s what they deserve. I get so sick of hearing how prisoners get cable tv, access to the gym, free meals, pets, etc…especially those on death-row. I don’t want to be paying for their free room and board. And if they want to starve themselves, I say go for it.

  3. Ah, but don’t we all reflect with joy every day that we are not bound to get what we deserve?

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