So the radio news this morning told me that “a new study shows that abstinence in teenagers results in 40% fewer pregnancies”. Hurm. Hope no one paid for that study.

  1. Yes. And if I stop stabbing morons like this, maybe they’ll suffer 40% less blood loss.

    … you know, instead of 100% less…

    …because I guess they have holes in them already, or whatever…

  2. I know I was 40% less pregnant in high school.

  3. Sort of a dumb summary. I think I read about this.

    The real report studied a group of kids who joined “abstinence commitment” programs and a control group who did not, then compared their nonmarital sex, nonmarital pregnancy, and STD rates after X years.

  4. yeah, a study like that would be more useful. The one summarized on the radio was very laughable, and didn’t even make sense.

  5. on abstinence and studies,

    There have been several smaller studies on the psych. damage of promiscuous sex, premarital sex, etc. Several of which have shown some interesting figures. Does anyone know of a large scale study such as this?

  6. This guy I valeted with was doing a large scale study on premarital sex. You should ask him.

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