Death to the infidels

It seems that the Gator corp. (actually called “Claria” now, in an attempt to dodge their infamy) is going IPO. This software is truly evil stuff. The company claims to have 35 million in profits and 45 million “active users”.

The reason I put “active users” in quotes is because Gator software installs itself very quietly, usually masked as some other piece of software that the user actually wants, like peer-to-peer filesharing software. Then, the software aids in bringing popups and popunders to the user, as well as sends back information about the user’s browsing habits. Truly, this type of company defines the slimiest of the mostly-illegitimate-but-not-quite-illegal companies preying on internet users.

My solution? The next big windows worm should include a gator cleanser. Put the dirtbags out of business. Shake investor confidence, kill advertiser (client) profitability, etc. Stick it to these scum.

(link via Ars Technica)

  1. Speaking of infidels, the comment spamming on my blog has let up considerably since I disabled html in the comments. It’s not the best solution, but it seems to work reasonably well.

    I doubt the angry post where I gave out a spammer’s email to mailing lists really accomplished much.

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