Home Improvement

Tonight I painted almost 1/4 of the basement with an epoxy paint. It’s tan in color. The point is to hopefully seal the floor so that its easier to clean things [urine, loose fur, etc] up off of it. It also makes the basement much brighter and cleaner feeling to have one solid color covering the floor.

If this part dries nicely and looks good, we’ll buy enough additional paint to finish the floor. Feels good to get something useful done when I get home from work. Makes play time seem more earned. (:

  1. You know….just reading that sound scary. If I didn’t know you had pets, I’d be worried!

  2. Yeah, I had to read the sentence that contained the square brackets several times before I could assure myself that you meant waste of the animal persuasion.

    What do you guys do in that house of yours?? 😉

  3. yeah, reading back through that, I can see the ambiguity. (:

    That’s funny stuff. Truth of the matter is though, the three cats and the dog all seem to think that the basement floor is fair game for acts of defecation. ):

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