Got the garden tilled today. The dirt here is beautiful! It’s very dark, soft, fluffy, etc. Best dirt I’ve ever seen for a garden. The weeds that had peeked up already sure loved it. The pine trees, fruit trees and raspberry bush (bush is a little optimistic to call this thing, but still) all saw to it that I had to get around them to do my tilling, but I prevailed.

I’m actually looking forward to the garden this year. Should be fun. I’ve never co-owned a garden. Only worked in my parents. I was a pretty bad sport about my parent’s garden, in retrospect. It’s just different, you know?

  1. Yeah, I know. But in retrospect, I really enjoyed working in my parents’ garden. Snapping green beans, pitting cherries, and gassing japanese beatles was not my idea of fun at the time. But I sure did appreciate the green bean casseroles, cherry pies, and fresh raspberries.

    I grow some strawberries transplanted from my dad’s garden, and I plan to take them with me wherever I live. When my kids are old enough to help out we will have a garden to help teach them the value of hard work, too.

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