War3 tidbit

Some of my friends and I have really been enjoying warcraft 3 lately. It’s a well done game, in my opinion. Anyway, Mikey and I play a 2v2 last night on battle.net. The opposing team did someting interesting.

They skipped producing their first heros. Instead, they immediately purchased neutral heros from the tavern on the map. Now this seems anti-intuitive at first, but after thinking about it, I believe there are some advantages. First, the tavern doesn’t take any time to produce a hero. You just pay for it, and it’s done. Now granted, your first hero is free if you buy it at your altar, but maybe there is advantage in getting it faster? Have it leveled up a bit? That sort of thing… Might even be able to put off building the altar until a little later, making the hero purchase less costly….

There are a few other trade-offs with this, but I just wanted to mention it. Very interesting strategy.

  1. You left out an essential bit of information needed to properly evaluate the strategy: who won?

  2. I guess it also depends on how heavily the tavern is guarded…aren’t there usually some heavy-duty creeps about the tavern? Seems like you’d have to produce a decent army to beat the creeps to get the hero…

  3. I finally won my second solo game! I know I have like 4-5 wins, but 2-3 of those don’t count. The secret? Firestorm upside the peasants early on. It was glorious and frightening to behold.


  4. yeah, well, Mikey and I got owned that round.

    And some taverns aren’t guarded. Just have to know the maps better I spose.

  5. I also realized (while browsing War3 strategies today) that creeps sleep during the nighttime and troops can be slid past them while they nap. Assuming you know where the taverns are, that makes this strategy workable.

  6. ah, very interesting. I didn’t realize that creeps slept at night either. I knew that some creeps slept and some did not, but I had never made the connection. Very cool.

  7. Nice to see I’m not the only Rose alum playing this game. Love it! Anyway, add me to your friends if you want to play sometime (funsize).

    Taverns generally don’t have creeps protecting them.

    I believe there is a delay on getting a hero from the Tavern (similar to Mercenary Camp) so someone can’t get the hero before an Altar would, err, put out.

  8. Speaking of battle.net, Jer and I will be playing today at around 1 PM central time. You’re welcome to look for us, he is funsize and I’m soulfood77. I think he’ll be hosting.

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