Another go-around with verizon

The battery in our verizon phone (an LG VX4400) has been going bad for a while now. Since we’ve had the phone for 11 months, I figured it was time to get it replaced before I had to pay for a new battery myself.

The first verizon Customer Service rep. that I talked to was Shannon Davis. He was less than helpful. He tried to tell me that it was going to cost me $30 for verizon to send me a new battery. His analogy was that car manufacturers don’t replace your tire if you get a flat. That analogy has so many holes that it hurts. For one, Verizon’s own information page about the phone says “One year warranty”. There are no qualifiers on that warranty. No “one year warranty on the phone itself”, nothing. So I pointed that out. He just kept trying to insert that “on the phone” phrase in there himself. I also pointed out that I don’t drive my phone on its battery. I’m not liable to pick up a nail in the tire, and the battery is not a wear part (not in the same sense as a tire). A properly maintained lithium ion battery should last several years. This one lasted 9-10 months. Clearly, the manufacturer has a battery issue.

Eventually, the conversation degraded into me speaking loudly at Shannon, explaining to him that he was yet another example of the putrescent (I used that word) customer service that Verizon has provided me throughout the life of my contract with them. He continued to parrot the same line. Now granted, he was probably trained to do this, so it’s only partially his fault. He never offered to let me talk with his supervisor though. He never offered to ask someone who knows if my battery was under warranty, nothing. He just continued to offer to send me a new battery for $30.

So I asked him to speak to his supervisor. She (Shaneir Brown) was very nice to me. I explained the problem, she put me on hold to inquire with technical support (or some such) about my phone and its battery. Eventually she came back and told me that I could get a free replacement at any verizon wireless store, because my battery does in fact have a 12 month warranty. Thank-you Shaneir.


  1. When I was dealing with Verizon with my DSL, it got to the point with them that when I called, the very first thing I would say is, “Please give me to your supervisor.” They would start to try to help me, and I would just tell them, “I’ve been here before, please just give me to your supervisor.” It always worked, and after I started doing this, my problems were always resolved much quicker and with much less aggravation. =)

  2. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Verizon.

  3. mike and I had verizon DSL and home phone in our apartment senior year.
    That was a fun year.
    I think we finally got it all cleared up by graduation.

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