Check this out later

edna appears to be an interesting project. I’ll have to check it out later. Python based mp3 streamer/cataloguer. Interesting. Link via Ryan.

  1. ‘sup dave. i used edna to stream mp3s from my dorm, back in 2001/2002. better than shoutcast because all you need is a web server and python, it’s low on cpu utilization and lets you have your whole playlist and be able to choose your songs.

    another way to do it, which is about as simple, is to make a playlist file in which each entry is the url to the mp3 file on the web server. then you can load that up in winamp and it acts just like you have the mp3s stored locally. winamp just fetches what it needs from the server as it plays the song. you can write a simple script or just do a search/replace to generate the url playlist.

    when i was using it, it all ran fine off a 486 running slackware.

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