donut != pastry?

Grabbed a donut on the way to work this morning. I needed gas anyway, so I just stopped at the station on the way to work, filled up and grabbed a delightful breakfast treat. I grabbed two, actually, since they are two for ninety-nine cents. One was a frosted cinnamon roll, the other was some sort of glazed donut.

Imagine my suprise when I couldn’t get the two for 99 cents! No, they charged me 69 cents for single donut, and 89 cents for a “pastry”. So fine, cinnamon rolls don’t count as donuts. It would have been nice for them to let me know that beforehand, but whatever.

Isn’t it a little bit of a stretch to try to differentiate between two things like that by calling one a doughnut and one a pastry? It’s a bit like charging me 69 cents for a square, then 89 cents for a rectangle…

Ok, I’m done wasting your time with this inanity… Promise. (:

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  1. A doughnut is fried, a cinnamon roll is baked. Doughnuts fry faster than cinnamon rolls bake, and I think cinnamon rolls are denser, so there may be a 20-cent difference based on the amount of material and the cooking time.

    To be technical, though, a cinnamon roll is not really a pastry, it’s a sweet roll. Pastries are usually more of a buttercrust type of thing without yeast or much other leavening. So maybe you could have a debate with the gas station attendant on Monday about it. I’m sure they would be interested….

  2. eh, doughnuts come in both baked and fried varieties. Cinnamon buns are always baked, but both are pastries, imo.

  3. Apparently someone else decided to waste your time with their inanity, though. Stupid spammers.

  4. donuts have holes.

  5. not jelly donuts, or the long skinny ones with frosting.

  6. aye, long johns, apple fritters and jelly donuts all are donuts, yet none have holes.

  7. they are not true donuts.

    Long johns are just that, long johns.

    fritters are fritters.

    eclairs are eclairs.

    its like calling white chocolate real chocolate.
    its not real chocolate. so call white confectionary candy. do not disgrace real chocolate or real donuts(which have holes).

  8. If you’re going to be this technical, then perhaps you’d like to talk about doughnuts, and not donuts?

    Also, do I get your drift right, that’s you’re somehow trying to ostracize the jelly doughnut from her more holey brethren? Heretic.

  9. all the good places remove the ugh.
    it takes up to much room on a sign.
    Dunkin’ Donuts
    Lamars Donuts
    Winchells Donuts

    Krispy Kreme is evil doughnuts.(Although it is cool to watch the machine)

    I don’t even know why anyone would want to ruin perfectly good fried dough by adding jelly.
    Cream is one thing, but jelly? c’mon.

    One thing i’ve never decided on is tractor tires.
    What are they exactly?

    As you can tell, i’m very picky about donuts.

  10. oh, and there are fried cinnamon rolls. very tasty.

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