So there are two things of note going on at work right now. The first is an all-encompassing project that demands a redesign of more than half of our product line in order to meet new government regulations that come into effect at the end of 2004. This project has been going on for almost a year now and is extremely active right now. The other thing is a wellness program that boils down to the company trying to educate employees about their health.

Now aside from particular issues that I personally have with the wellness program, get this: The wellness program is going to be using the engineering conference room for the next week. This means that if we want to schedule meetings, we need to ask first, which is the policy anyway. That’s fine. The all-encompassing project has a weekly meeting in that conference room though. It’s had a weekly meeting for the whole of this year.

The wellness program is pre-empting the program status meeting. Priorities? I suppose so. I suppose that the design of products that comprise the lion’s share of our corporate income are secondary to an attempt to save a few thousand dollars on health care, right? Heh. Whatever.

  1. yeah…i thought the same thing.

    It’s not like our department is really good at comunicating anyway.

  2. Well thats why I call it the “WTF is a Ghant Chart?” meeting.

  3. I think i’ll have an engineering meeting over here at the seat shop. I’ll close my door and yell at myself for being a lazy unproductive moron for about an hour. Then i’ll open my door and go about being lazy and unproductive.

    We have a wellness program. Its called “Don’t get hit by the forktruck when Benny’s driving!”

    have fun!

  4. If I come visit you Travis, can I drive the fork truck? 🙂

  5. no problem!
    heck, i’ll even through in some plasma cutting!

  6. its early,
    that was supposed to be “throw”

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