gamefest 2004 recap

Gamefest was a hit this year, as always. Having it at Jerry’s house was a nice change. Dorm rooms are crowded, and apartments are too. We’ve always been grateful for the space we had to have gamefest in, but this year was best spacewise thus far.

Another first this year was a minimization of the amount of time we spent installing/configuring games and computers. Several factors led to this. The first was that Kevin actually came up with some really cool scripts to install games over the network, which helped a lot. I think it also helped that most everyone is familiar with networking their PC, so it wasn’t a big deal to just setup a 12-15 PC network and go to it. (:

We played Quake 3 Arena, Warcraft 3, Raven Shield, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Azure Turret Defense (runs in war3, but it’s almost another game/genre). Several people also played some America’s Army. Saturday afternoon, seven of us attempted to commit suicide by Ultimate Frisbee. My legs are still sore. (:

It was great to see everyone together for a time. I know that as time goes by, fewer people from the original core will be able to go along. It’s the way of things. It’s nice that we can still pull together right now though. I’m interested to see if gamefest survives time.

In the end, it makes me long for eternity all the more though. Video games have nothing to do with it. Friends have everything to do with it. Saying goodbye hurts. It especially hurt to send Mikey and Nate on their way after the weekend was done.

Foos had two very nice pictures of the event up.

Action item for next year: Find more ways to help the wives hate gamefest less. (:

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  1. I haven’t hated gamefest ever. Even when I didn’t like playing the games. It is better the more wives come, though!

  2. Although I’m sure none of the referred-to wives hated GameFest, it would be cruelly ironic if I’m the only wife in this circle that would have actually enjoy playing those games. (barring that whole FPS motion sickness thingy)

    If only Microsoft was in the Midwest… Wait, scratch that. If only instant teleportation was a normal part of life. ūüėČ

  3. Hated was a bad term to use. What I meant was that it would be excellent to ken a way for the wives not to get peevish come 3am, and their husbands still engaged in heated virtual battle. (:

    That’s less gamefest and more the fact that their husbands like video games mroe than is healthy. hehe

  4. 5:00AM fri. night!
    That was just awesome!

  5. I don’t hate gamefest. I hate being told, “we’ll go home after this last game” at 11:20pm and then getting home at almost 4 am. I don’t stay up well. And we had our dog with us which made things more stressful (for me, not Dave).

    Saturday was the only night that I asked to come home.

  6. Sorry I missed it. As one of the ‘original core’ I’m planning on being there next year…although I’ll probably be out of gaming practice by then.

  7. Cardinal rule of gaming #1:

    One more game doesn’t mean ‘one more match’. This is an extension of the Starcraft rule. One more game means “after this game, I’ll see if I want to play anymore”. Adjust your filter appropriately. =)

    /hug dave

    I miss ya too bud.

  8. Grr, now I’m upset that I missed the Ultimate. Not to mention missing Luscious. One of these days I’m going to start bringing my kids with me, and then I’ll be able to stay longer.

    I’m also curious how long this phenomenon will last. I think that as more people start having kids, the commitment to Gamefest will wane. But I hope that it will survive in some form or another for many years, because like Dave wrote it’s not so much about the gaming as it is about the community. I’m really thankful for the blogging community that we’ve got to help us stay connected; it makes get-togethers like Gamefest go even more smoothly than they otherwise would.

    Whatever happens to Gamefest, a once-per-year reunion of sorts needs to keep happening. Families will be welcome, for sure.

    I need to find a job in northern Indiana. I miss you guys too much.

  9. Our house is not quite kid-proof yet, as the Johnson twins pointed out so kindly. A gate by the stairs would take care of most of that I think though =) Anyway, we welcome kids. If we can survive my family, we can survive anything!

  10. I’m sure we can adapt gamefest to families.
    It might put a slight damper on gaming until 5:00AM, but hey, if it means we get to see more people for a longer amount of time, its all good.

    Plus, we can train kids early on, then we’ll have a mega gamefest when they get a little older!

  11. oooh, huge teams for capture the flag…. 12 on 12? (:

    It’s true. I’m interested to see how gamefest survives over the years. It needs to go on, in some form, if it can. We’ll just have to see. If the Lord tarries not, then we’ll not have to think about it. (:

  12. Eh, if we bring kids, as long as no one expects to sleep in the gaming room, us non-breeders can continue to game until odd hours.

    By which I mean Bryan and I will crush all on battlenet.

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