I’m sure that any of you with your own blog know the feeling: You have several notable posts you want to make, but haven’t made for various reasons. Then, as new things come up, you don’t post them either because then they would be out of order, and they’re less improtant than the previous posts you wanted to make. It snowballs, until you end up not making posts for weeks.

To remedy this, I’m posting bullets, machine-gun style:

  • While at a Taco Bell, Melissa and I witnessed a hit and run. The kid didn’t have a prayer of making it into the parking spot he tried to fit in. He smashed up the bumper of a jeep with the door of his cavalier. Then he left. I wrote down his plate number. Everyone in the restaurant cheered. Melissa and I stayed to talk to the policeman. Also, don’t eat at the Taco Bell in Laporte Indiana. It’s not very clean.
  • I finally got the spare computer going again, thanks to a video card from Charles. Yay! It’s nice to not have yet another doorstop laying around in the closet. (:
  • Had dinner with Ryan, Angel, Jerry, Elizabeth, Travis, Becky, Mojo and two of Ryan’s high school friends last night. Tasty food, good friends. Can’t ask for more.
  • Melissa and I got a new fridge recently. New to us is more accurate. It’s a few years old, but a few decades newer than the previous one. It’s so clean and pretty!
  • Melissa made me a blueberry coffeecake this weekend. So tasty!
  • Melissa and I (mostly her effort) have been freezing large amounts of produce that we’ve either picked or grown. So far blueberries, raspberries turnips and sweet corn have been done.
  • I have parts to replace the shocks/struts on the le baron, oil (and filter) in both vehicles and rear main and oil pan seals in the exporer. Now I just need to get the jobs themselves done. (:

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

  1. And sometimes when a post is so huge and contains so many different events, the blog readers avoid posting a response because they’d have to do a lot of extra work to respond to each item.

  2. bah, some posts aren’t meant to be commented to. If a reader chooses to comment, I’m hardly going to stop them. Alternately, I’m not about to limit myself to posting small, easy to digest vingettes (sp?), just for reader comfort either. (:

  3. Hmm…vignette. That reminds me of vinaIgrette. Remember that time when we were eating dinner during an Assessment Symposium and you were eating everyone’s leftover raspberry vinaigrette dressing from their salads? And I was passing mine down to you and our waiter reached for the plate and everyone at the table reflexively yelled “NOOOO!” Hahaha…poor guy was scared to death…and all the representatives from colleges around the world looked over to see what those crazy Rose-Hulman kids were doing.

  4. by “you”, do you mean me? I don’t remember this at all. Did this really happen?

  5. Well, you were down at the other end of the table so you should have been aware, but then you were confused enough to be eating other people’s used raspberry dressing so it’s possible there are gaps in your memory. 😉 Rose sometimes had that effect…I’m 99% sure it was NOT a hallucination on my part. Do you remember that I still have a 486 and Trident VGA card from your big stash of old computers, from when I was starting out playing around with Linux servers? In fact here’s a scan of the motherboard from just the other day when I was testing a scanner I got for five bucks: (the DX2 processor is in my router right now)

    We probably have different standards for memorable memories though…I’d guess a lot of yours from that time involved Starcraft and Quake 3.

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