mikey, we need new careers:

Let’s move to Korea.. (:

  1. 6.6 moves per second. I think I make about 6.6 moves per minute in Starcraft. I don’t even make 400 moves in a typical game (noting, of course, that my appearances in SC are usually brief and futile).

    Did you note the part about sharing a 2-bedroom apartment with 9 other guys? What about Melissa? You may want to reconsider. 😉

    Seriously, though. . .6.6 actions per second. Wowzers.

  2. I liked this part:

    It’s difficult to keep up the wearing training routine says the 21-year-old. Starcraft, he says, is “a young man’s game.”


  3. sad,
    very sad.
    how hard up for entertainment do you have to be to want to watch people play computer games.

  4. You know, I made mention of this months ago on the BSB004um (not that you could check that). Just didn’t have an article to link.

    Also, watching videos of these guys can give you great ideas and improve your SC playing. They’ve got great tactics; wish I could remember some.

  5. Trav, it’s no different from watching a chess tournament, a baseball game, or a football match. Is it? (:

  6. The living conditions don’t sound too great. Nine people and a coach in a 2-bedroom apartment?

  7. Many things look fun until they *are* your life. Including life.

  8. not much different from watching chess, i agree(but i don’t see how people can watch chess).
    I do think it is dramatically different from watching live action sports(except maybe baseball).
    On top of that, I think its ridiculous how into sports people get. I enjoy watching a good soccer or hockey game, but I could care less who’s playing it(only advantage of pro sports is a nice stadium and a crowd). When people start “worshiping” other people for doing an essentially functionless job, i think its sad. With sports atleast, it always seems to me that the people who attach themselves to “stars” are trying to live through the other persons life instead of living their own life.

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