Know what I’d like?

I want a plugin for movable type that sends notifications via ICQ, or something similar. Notifications are normally sent via email. They inform me of when a new comment comes in, who sent it, their IP, the comment body, etc. Let’s me keep tabs on things on the blog.

It would be convenient to have such things be sent via an instant messenger, rather than email. Does anyone know of such a plugin? Does anyone know of work being done on such a thing?

Alternately, it would also be cool to be able to post from icq. There are some technical hurdles with this direction (authentication not being the least of those) but it’s also an interesting technology. Plenty of people post from their mobile phones, so this doesn’t seem to be a huge leap beyond the norm, to me.

Anyway, just thinking out loud. Nothing to see here folks. Carry on. (:

  1. Look at the bottom of

    Apparently you can send mail to yourself Anyway you can look through the scripting and see what it does.

    Going the other way…hmmm, maybe not so easy. It would be possible if you had full control of the server and could run a modified version of LICQ on it. I haven’t seen an ICQ client script for a web server, though it may exist. At least I was able to answer the paging question for you.

  2. The post from IM doesn’t sound too hard… your MT would have a screenname, and you could just start the “post” with a message containing only a passphrase, and then end it with the same.

  3. Meh, looks like ICQ has locked web access down solid. The email method doesn’t work, and I also wrote a PHP script to simulate ICQ’s Web Pager panels, and that doesn’t work either. As in…ICQ’s own Web Pager panels do not work, haven’t since January apparently.

    Makes sense though, as it would be pretty easy to generate numerically incremented spam WWPager messages, which I think was a problem. Anyway, an ICQ pager solution is going to require an actual ICQ client, perhaps based on the LICQ source. It’s beyond where I want to play with it, anyway.

  4. Actually, I think you two might be onto something. If I take one of the icq cli clients, then run it on a server I control, I can have it post for me, I’d imagine. I’ll have to look into this further.

  5. Although I must say I like the ICQ Pager idea better, I was going to say that you could always use MSN/Y! mail and Trillian’s mail notifications to let you know when you’ve received new posts. That’s what I do with LJ. It’s pretty handy, too, since comments from other LJ users have their username in the From field.

  6. Though it’s useless now, here’s the script that should have let you page ICQ from a web server:

    Some of it borrowed from somewhere I forget, basically all you have to do is open a socket and send some appropriate stuff. Probably just as easy to do in Perl, though I don’t do Perl. You also don’t have to return the web page, I had that in there to show the errors I was getting from ICQ. Maybe someday they’ll fix their server and this script will work.

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