drowning in a sea of music

I generally listen to the Digitally Imported Vocal Trance Station while I’m at work. It drowns out a good deal of the normal annoyance that happens around me (constant paging, idle conversations, machine noise, etc). The last week or so, their mixes have been excellent. I’m not sure what has changed, but if you go for trance, I would highly recommend this station.

  1. I work immediately next to a door leading to the factory. This door is the main connection between the loud factory and the office. All day it’s *rattle* *scrreeeak* roarROAROAROARroarrr *squeak* *kachunk* *tromptromptromp* repeat. Or maybe *tromptromptromp* *rattle* *screeaaeak* roarROAROAROARroarssss *squeak* *kachunk*.

  2. that’s part of what I’m blocking out as well. The door next to my “cube” opens out onto the shop floor. An industrial laser cutter and a huge blower running on 440 both live outside that door. I’m not sure what they’re saying, but I think they’re bickering amongst themselves whether the hydraulic lift down the way hates them or not.

  3. Ah the joys of sitting in the cube no one else wanted….

  4. Mine was less that, and more “this is the only place we have where you can fit all the equipment you need”

  5. Suddenly, my chatty German and Russian lab-mates don’t seem so bad. The loony troll from the backwoods, though, now that’s another story.

    On a more related note, I’m not a huge fan of trance, but for coding music, in a related genre, it’s all about dub/dancehall. It’s got that phat beat feel with a jamaican twist.

  6. “It’s got that phat beat feel with a jamaican twist.”

    There must be some kind of formula for that. Something like “It’s got that (adjective) beat (one of the five senses) with a (name of a nation) (twist/undertone/overtone/influence).”

  7. speaking of “jamaican” feel, the melissa recently played the game “beyond good and evil” for PS2. It had a lot of ethnic sorts of music, and I was really intrigued by the jamaican seeming music. I’m too unfamiliar with raggae (sp?) to know if that’s what it was, but I really want to aquire some. It would make *nice* coding music.

    I dunno. If I had to descibe it, I would say jamaican jazz… Anyway, thanks for the reminder. (time to go p2p some samples 🙂

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