To Our Local Friends…

Hey guys, I don’t have most of your e-mails so I’m hoping you see this post. It’s a little last-minute, but I’m wondering if anyone is interested in going horseback riding tomorrow night at 9pm. The stable I ride at hosts a Moonlight Ride (for adults only) once a month during the full moon. The stable is off of 35 between Royal Center and Logansport. Cost will be 25.00 and the ride will be at least on hour long. Anyone who wants to come should let me know, so the stable can have the correct number of horses saddled. And if it’s too short-notice for most of you, don’t worry. There’s always next month.

If dinner if a concern there’s alway El Ranchito. We could head to the stable a little early and everyone can practice riding on my horse (that part’s free.)

  1. ahh,
    that sounds really cool,
    unfortunately Beck and I are going to be in chicago.
    Have fun on the ride though!

  2. We so much would have come if I saw this before today =( I’m sorry we didn’t get to go.

  3. It’s alright. Dave and I ended up going alone. It was fun. I was a little hurt that nobody responded (except Travis and Becky of course!), but I can understand your not having seen it. =) There is always next month.

  4. Mel, there’s this wonderful invention that’s come about as of late. It’s called a phone. =)


    Felt the need to give you some sh!t. =P


  5. Another wonderful invention would be a husband who can relay messages when asked to. But, apparently that one has not been invented yet.

  6. Current analysis shows that such an invention is infeasible given current technology.

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