Didja hear?

Yeah, work fired me. No reason given. I’m an embedded software engineer. I’m fairly practiced at applications programming and network/server administration as well as computer/network security.

If you know of anyone that needs an all-around uber-geek, drop me a line, eh?

  1. Ok, that’s bad news. All I can say is that it’s their loss, you’re good at this stuff and I wouldn’t have expected this to happen to you.

    If you can’t slide right into another job, try looking into consulting. I’ve been getting a few projects from inventors, designing and building protoypes of USB and wireless products so far. I don’t make much money due to the fact that I’m just trying to get experience, but it helps and I am starting to get into the network where clients are hooking me up with other possible clients. It all starts out slow so keeping it part-time is probably best at first.

    But you’ll probably find a job in no time, try Northrop Grumman, I’ve heard they are looking at hiring a lot of employees in a few months. I also know someone who just got hired as a programmer at Wal-Mart headquarters, right out of school.

  2. Aw dude, that is teh suck.

  3. You have my sympathy. That sucks.

  4. My sympathies, as well. Wish I had advice, but you shouldn’t need any, anyway. You’re immanently hireable!

  5. That’s too bad :(, but hey, at least you can get unemployment. It’s the best, getting paid not to work!

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