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So, on the finding work front, good news: positive things are coming from both Crowe Chizek and Cummins at the moment. So far as I’m aware, both companies are interested in me. I’m hoping to get interviews with both soon.

Either one would mean a move for Melissa and I, but both seem to be good, strong companies, so that’s positive.

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  1. we miss you dave!!

  2. what Keith said.

  3. You know you won’t have nearly as much fun at Cummins as you will breaking into banks Dave 😉

  4. In a phrase: heck yeah yo.

    I realize it’s as much paper work and boredom as any job, but I’m thinking the perks of the Crowe job might outway similar perks at other jobs.

    Now if they would just contact me for an interview!! (:

  5. In light of the events that led to your (insert prefered euphamism”, working for crowe would be….. ironic? 🙂

    In case that hadn’t passed through anyone’s mind yet 🙂

  6. You mean the possibility of getting paid to do what I was forced to resign for being suspected of having done? Yeah, the irony of that situation pleases me. 😛

    (oh, and that first sentence should win some sort of sematic rube goldberg award)

  7. I used to work with Crowe several years ago in their Systems Consulting group. The group no longer exists – there were multiple bad decisions made (of course this is my opinion). I know people that were working at crowe for over 10 – 12 years. Solid contributors and were given a tap on the shoulder on a Friday indicating today was their last day – don’t come in on Monday. Ridiculous. Of course, you may have already accepted the position. Good luck – my suggestion is to keep your income options open. Today – I make between 150 – 200% more than I did a few years ago as a consultant.

  8. Concerned,

    Thanks for the comment. In the end, I decided against working for Crowe. The work seemed too good to be true, but the hours and intensity more than made up for it, by the looks of things.

    I just couldn’t see how I could devote that much of my life to work, when I have a wife to think about. I know some couples manage it. I don’t think I would be able to.

  9. Just stumbled on your blog while looking for something else, but noticed your comments regarding the ‘too good to be true’ comment.
    Actually, at the time you would have been interviewing with C-r-o-w-e, I’m willing to bet that the majority of what you were told, was true, from the security side of the world. It was a great time there and we were doing some cool things.
    But honestly, since December 2004, it’s gone horribly awry, and I’m glad you decided to go elsewhere, since you would have regretted your decision relatively quick. I was a manager in the IRM group for 4 years so I know from where I speak.
    Feel free to take a look at my blog to see some pretty good examples of why that regret would have come about.


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