rejoice ye peasants!

The 004um is back, and better than ever. It should be faster and cleaner now than it ever was. I’ve enabled uploading avatars, and increased the max size to 150 pixels square and 64kb per avatar.

This is to soften the fact that everyone needs to pick a new (or old) avatar, since the old ones are lost. All the old posts, post counts, titles, etc are the same though.

Sorry for the long absense, but since I’ve had time on my hands lately, I was finally able to work throught the last few issues with the board, and republish. Cheers! (oh, and just drop me a line if you need your password reset, I know I had to do that for myself!)

  1. yay!!! Now to post and further increase my post count lead on froyd. =)

  2. Good gravy!

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