one of these things is not like the others

So I’m straightening the computer room, getting ready to move. I have all the PC’s except for three (melissa’s and my mains, and the firewall) lined up by the wall. I apologize for the darkness of the picture (camera flash no worky) but it’s a funny picture:

  1. Why am I not surprised that you have 10 _spare_ computers.

  2. Ah, but the question is are those cases full of working components, or are only a few of those spare fully functional boxen?

    Not that I doubt Dave or anything. We have about four or five spare cases out in our garage, but I believe we have all the computers we can possibly put together (five, not including laptops) up and running.

  3. I am looking at the actual collection myself, he’s addes 2 more computers since that photo was taken…

  4. Well, we could have a few more going, but they’d be too unpowerful to do anything useful.

  5. first thought:”oh, look. Dave took a picture of all his computers”

    second thought:Hmm..I think seeing this many computers all stashed in a corner was unusual at some point.

    I think I’ve been assimilated

  6. hehe, every single one of those computers in that picture is a fully functioning system, with all the requisite parts (sans CD drive in some cases, I share those around). Some of them are underpowered (P100) but most of them are respectable machines.

    And yes Karen, you’ve been assimilated. 😛

  7. So what is the most powerful of said spare computers?

  8. of the spares, the most powerful is the tbird 800. Next is the dual celeron 466 and the p3 450. There are 5 of them in the 300-350 range. The rest are in the p100-p200 range. So, in my opinion, not bad at all. They each have a place in my grand plan. 😛

  9. and I suppose I’m not even counting laptops. There are three of those, all fully working.

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