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Melissa and I spent another whole day house hunting. We have a couple strong possibilities. The trouble is, they’re each about an hour’s drive from work. That’s a lot of driving. The big question is if it will be a where’s-my-gun sort of commute, or a wow-that’s-a-nice-vista sort of commute. Time will tell.

Other than the drive though, this one house that Melissa and I have been looking at is a real strong possibility. We’re going to spend all day tomorrow looking for houses as well, so we’ll see if we turn up anything new.

I really wish I knew if I will be able to deal with an hour commute. I suppose it’s more of a mental fortitude check. If I can figure a way to get a few adders for my base fortitude of 12, then the fortitude check versus the 3d8 commute shouldn’t be too bad, on average, right? 😛

  1. An hour commute…is there a need for such a thing in Michigan? What you’ve gotta do is find the highways that drop you right next to work, and follow them out of town for no more than 20 miles. Do you really want to spend 2 hours every day just driving? That’s like another whole work day every week.

  2. That would be ideal, but the thing is, it’s like a hundred mile metroplex out here. You have to go a long ways before you’re out of the actual city. It’s gross.

    Truth be told, I don’t like the idea of that much commute, at all. If I end up doing it though, I’ll just have to make the best of it.

  3. I guess so…you could get some books-on-tape or language or bible study tapes, so maybe you’d put those 10 hours a week to good use. Get a tablet PC and use the voice recognition to write code on the road! Record your daily memoirs so you’ll have them to put in your book when you become rich and famous.

  4. I spent a summer internship with close to an hour commute … Another big factor is if it’s one of those 50 mile hour commutes, or a 10 mile, traffic hour commute. The latter is torture, the former is draining, but doable. My biggest problem with the commute was that I was always tired. I woke up early to avoid traffic, got home late becuase of traffic, and was never wanting to go do anything becuase I was pooped. The other big problem was driving home after a long day and having to worry about falling asleep at the wheel. I could talk more about how much that sucks, but I know you are already familiar with that. Ok, enough nay-saying, the good aspects were that I did have a lot more time to listen to music, which to me was a good thing, and it was a great time to reflect on things.

  5. How about the train Dave? Is there a train that you could take to work? Then you could try to get a house close to a station. Just a thought.

  6. Beware.

    With no traffic it makes me 15-20 minutes to get to work. With moderate traffic that’s 30-40 minutes and with heavy traffic that’s 45-60 minutes.

    I could attempt to get up early to avoid traffic, but I’m honestly too much of a putz. What that means is I go into work around 10:00 and come home around 7:00.

    I don’t see enough of my family, and as the weather changes it’s pitch dark during my drive home, which means that I tend to be depressed and/or irritable when I get there.

    I often feel that I’m just wasting my life while I’m taking these long drives. There are a lot of traffic cops around here, so having to drive this much really raises my risk level. Also, since it’s not just put on the cruise and go – lots of traffic to deal with – I find listening to audiobooks that I have not read frustrating because I’m always rewinding to see what I missed while avoiding the stupid lady or being frightened of the 120mph crotch rocket or keeping an eye on a friendly neighborhood traffic cop.

    In our case it came down to the fact that anything closer to work that was of decent size and quality was way out of our price range. By getting out of King County we’ve avoiding buying overvalued property and also avoided a lot of extra taxes.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dread the drive every day. But I do often find myself staying at work when I want to go home because I don’t want to deal with traffic. And the downside of that is that I find myself getting burned out on work. But I know that if I leave work at 5:30-6:00 it’s going to take me an hour to get home. Every once in a while I’ll go to a movie and then go home, but I generally feel guilty about that afterwards.

    I remember when I had a 5-10 minute drive to work, when I lived in downtown Redmond. There’s just nothing that can make up for that extra time you’re losing.

    I guess my advice is that you should give it very serious thought before capitulating. Remember that it’s *you* who will have to do the driving every day, all alone. Remember that that’s 1/12 of your entire day – if you sleep eight hours then it’s 1/8 of your waking hours. If you stay physically at work for eight hours then you are losing 1/4 of your “free” time.

    Also, gas is expensive.

  7. Ryan and Mojo bring up excellent points, as did Mace. The trouble is, I just can’t touch a house that’s in a quite ‘burb any closer to Detroit.

    Thankfully, neither Melissa nor I is in a hurry to write an offer for a home. We can’t actually purchase until our home sells anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal. We’re going to keep looking for something closer.

    When I lived in Logansport, I had a 35-35 minute commute, and it got to where I really didn’t like it. There was really only one route, and no way to shorten it. At least with this house, there are 30 ways to get to it, and I can pick one that may have less traffic, maybe.

    I dunno. I realize what a huge chunk of my life it will be. Over the last few days I’ve been brainstorming ways to turn that time into useful time. I think it might work out.

  8. Sounds like you’ll need to be in the testing process of my neural input jack for your PC. Then you can play War 3 while you drive 😛 Let me get my power drill…..

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