second day

I miss having friends at work. It’s really lonely eating alone. ):

I sure can feel for mikey.

(Did I say after work tuesday Jerry? After work Wednesday. Really!)

Oh, and did I mention that I think it’s funny that a tier 1 secure complex has less restrictive internet policies than Evil Inc? 😛

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  1. If I got a job there I’d drag you over to a table next to some random people, you know if you go sit alone it looks like you want to keep it that way.

    The internet policies are probably more relaxed because the people in charge of the network are actually doing their job. They probably also have some good monitoring tools to watch for abnormal traffic and stuff. I wouldn’t think sitting there and refreshing Slashdot every 2 minutes would be a good idea….

  2. I wouldn’t stress about it too much man. It gets better over time. The first couple weeks are gonna suck[0], but you’ll soon find people you get along with and things will go a lot better.

    Plus having really cool friends[1] to talk to after work helps a lot too.

    Just find some people to beatdown at War3 and friendships will bloom. =)

    [0] sorry, i don’t mean to be a downer
    [1] like me =)

  3. nah, I don’t sit alone at lunch, I usually go sit with someone that at least seems familiar. Still, less nice than actually knowing people.

    As for slashdot, heh, not worth it. The news articles themselves are not updated that fast, and the comments are all the same anyway.

  4. btw mace, if you want to send your resume to my firstname.lastname at gmail, I’ll turn it in for you. They’re still hiring, so far as I know, so it’s worth trying, if you’re looking.

  5. Dave, if it cheers you any, I’ll be looking for a job soon. Certain companies in the Detroit area (think cars) are high on the list. Basically, I’m looking for companies that need people with backgrounds in numerical analysis and PDE’s.

    Of course, if no one hires me, then I guess I’ll sell pencils on the corner.

  6. will you sell gel pen refills? I really need a good refill supplier. 😛

    Chrysler, Ford and GM are all very close to where I’m at. I can spit on one of the Chrysler facilities from here. (:

  7. Actually, I was poking around on General Dynamics’ page, looks like they might be able to use a guy like me, since, um, airplanes and fluid mechanics are like chainsaws and hockey masks–can’t have one without the other.

  8. Did I say airplanes? I meant boats! Boats! Auuugh!

    PS If you want to tell some people you know that you know this guy who’s worked on the multitarget tracking problem, feel free.

  9. airplanes and fluid dynamics are also a tightly entangled quantum pair, if you will. The fluid is just much thinner, eh?

  10. Actually, I didn’t notice GD did airplanes, too. I just knew they did naval stuff. Also mention that this guy you know is good-looking, available, and digs the whole “moonlit walk” thing.

  11. I think I’ve figured out why commenting has been down lately. We’ve been missing the grumpy Lutheran! Without Josh around to stir things up, the embers die out too quickly.

  12. yeah, if I ever get some inordinate amount of free time, I will make a comments per day graph. Then we can compete graphically for Josh’s commenting affections.

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