blacklist update

I’ve blacklisted the terms “poker”, “casino” and “texas”. They can no longer appear in a url that’s part of a comment. Please let me know if these rules ever interfere with any legitimate posting on this blog or on any of the other hosted sites.

There are just too many stupid gamblings sites looking for google rank at the expense of my blogs. Hopefully this will solve that problem. Please comment if you have questions or concerns.

  1. If you simply must post an URL with a badword, use

  2. Good point Ryan. Problem solved.

  3. yeah, so I did.

  4. But there went my post, leaving you seemingly replying to nothing. >:-)

    (For the folks at home – I pointed out that dave perhaps should have added another game (b l a c k j a c k) to the list.)

  5. Can you post the blacklist entry so that I (and perhaps others) can use it? I do not understand the coding used in mt-blacklist…

  6. Dave’s entire blacklist is at if I remember correctly.

  7. Josh,

    Just put the word that occurs often in the spam urls or links. So p o k e r is now in my blacklist, minus the spaces. Do that with all the common spam items, and you should be in good shape.

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