random bullets

  • Melissa and I found some very nice solid wood computer desks at a Pier 1 Clearance Store. I’m pleased with them. I’m going to unbox them and put them together tonight, to make sure they’re what I wanted. It was cool though, when I went to ask the cashier what the price on them was, she went, found the price, and brought me back a 30% off everything coupon! That’s what made them worth getting.
  • I found a person nearby who is parting out an explorer. Thus, I get a new rear hatch, sans rust. I also get new cargo carpet, a replacement for the one seatbelt assembly that is broken, and a pair of latch pegs for the front doors. All for $30. w00t!
  • Melissa and I have been trading a cold back and forth. It’s the annoying sort where when one of us just finally gets over it, the other gets it. Hopefully two rounds each will be enough.
  • Mikey and I have been on a real winning streak in War3 lately. It’s fun to finally be good enough that we can win fairly consistantly when we play 2v2 online. We have several strategies now, for different situations. It’s such a varied game, it is a nice mental retreat.
  • Melissa and I have basically quit playing Dark Age of Camelot. We haven’t really played since we moved. The “New Frontiers” expansion that they released this summer just sucked the life out of the end game. She and I (and Mikey) are all just idling, waiting for WoW to come out. (as if I really need an MMO timesink in my life) It’s actually nice to not have an mmo in my life. I’m planning on being more moderate this time around. Hopefully Blizzard will make it a game that can be fun *without* requiring 6-8 hour raids to stay competitive.
  • I’ve been thinking of designing a new theme for the blog. I’m still mulling over what sort of look I’d like though. We’ll have to see.
  1. Pier One is a dreamy place to shop.

  2. random bullets… wouldn’t that make it a “drive by”?

  3. good to here so much from you 🙂

    Any chance we will see you at mikes this weekend?

    Travis, Becky and us are going up Sat morning. We hope to see you there.

  4. Aye, we’re gonna be at mike’s place this weekend. (:

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