Election 2004

If I get a chance to vote this election, I am going to vote for Michael Badnarik. And no, I don’t think that my vote will be “thrown away”, so to speak. I was eligible to vote for the previous presidential election, but chose not to vote. I’ve not yet known of a Republican or Democrat candidate that I felt adequately represented by and who was deserving of my vote.

Given that I won’t vote for a “lesser evil” just to prevent the “greater evil” from gaining office (and I feel no remorse for not using my vote, in the case of no eligible candidate), my vote can’t possibly be worth less by actually using it than it was by not using it at all. So there. QED

Two interesting interviews with Badnarik:
Lady Liberty

  1. Instant.

  2. It would be nice Ryan, as would approval voting. The trouble is, the two major parties essentially make the rules and they only stand to lose by adopting anything other than the current Australian system.

  3. Ah, but dave, not all is lost to the two major parties, well at least in some states. Initiatives to the recue! Do tell your friends in Washington to support Instant Runoff Voting by signing Initiative 318

    Federal Instant Runoff Voting may be a ways off, but it’s never hurts to try. Tell your congressman to support a H.R. 5293

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