Stack Without Buns

They brought me a brand new chair on Monday. I was pleased. I was also confused though, because the chair had a plastic bag on it that proclaimed, in bold 48 point print, STACK WITHOUT BUNS.

What does that even mean? (:

It’s a comfy chair though.

  1. A big piece of foam is called a bun. So, I’d imagine they would use big foam buns to make chairs stackable, possibly by placing the chair in a big box and surrounding it in plastic bags that are blown full of foam. Or maybe they just take a giant block of foam and strap one chair upside down on top of another, and strap several stacks together on a pallete. I don’t really know; I just know that a big piece of foam is called a bun.

  2. Honestly, to think that, in this day and age, anyone would even CONSIDER stacking WITH buns is… is… insulting! What do they take us for? Barbarians?!
    I think you should sue 😉

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