More car repairs

I haven’t had heat in the Explorer for the last two days. Or at least, none to speak of. I figured out that my radiator has a small hole in it, near the top, so the system isn’t pressurizing properly. Long story short, that means no heat for me.

I wanted to replace it last night, but the weather was frigid and snowy. Today is supposed to be sunny and mid to high 30’s, so I’m going to leave work early and make the swap. Then I’ll just make up the time later in the week. There’s always Friday, if nothing else, right? (:

While I’m in there, I need to replace my fan as well. It’s made of nylon and it’s all full of cracks everywhere. Large cracks! So I need to replace that even more than ever now, because I don’t favor the prospect of it finally cracking apart and sending one of its nylon blades through my new radiator. (:

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