happiness is a smoking unordered list

  • Total miles driven in morning commute: 33
  • Total minutes taken to drive morning commute: 120
  • Number of cars seen in ditch: at least 15
  • Number of complete and utter idiots on road: 2 confirmed
  • Inches of snow driven through: 6-8
  • Inches of snow that fell while I was driving: 2

Fun fun. Yes, it did take me two hours to get to work this morning. Not as bad as it sounds, but still a big effort. I saw an eagle talon driver who was glad he had AWD, since he pulled himself out of a snow bank backwards, did two full doughnuts, then drove off like nothing ever happened.

I saw one poor guy who for some reason thought he should gun it to merge onto the interstate (with 6 inches of loose, driven through snow on it). Yeah, he determined that the shortest distance between the onramp and the median is a straight line.

One complete idiot in a 4WD pickup with a snowplow on the front was going 20mph faster than anyone else one the road and weaving in and out of traffic. So stupid. Sure, he may have enough traction to get up to that speed, but he’s toast if anyone in front of him loses control, since there’s no chance that he’s stopping.

I was slightly annoyed that my own 4WD wouldn’t engage. When my brother Joe and I rebuilt the front end, we greased the hubs. Apparently that’s not a good idea, since the grease (especially when it’s cold) will prevent the hub from engaging the driveshaft. Poor, stupid me. (: When I get a chance, I need to pull the hubs and clean the grease out of them. Until then, 2WD is working at least.

Anywho, I made it safely to work. Here’s to a safe trip home. (:

  1. lucky bastards. I wish we got snow here… but noooo. *sigh* throw a snowball at your wife for me 🙂
    Also, don’t die in traffic. Just saying.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s 82 degrees out, and I’m off to the beach.

  2. ::shiver::

    I’ll trade you for a week, how about that oxy? I don’t even remember what warm *feels* like!

    Please?!? (:

  3. Try flying during the past three days: yow. I got stuck in Minneapolis on Tuesday because our flight attendant would have had to do overtime, had to go through Memphis to Arkansas on Wednesday and barely made my connection because of deicing, then nearly got stuck in Arkansas yesterday because my Cinci flights were canceled and so I had to go through St. Louis to Minneapolis (barely making THAT connection, they had a kart driver slalom me through 1.2 miles of pedestrians in the airport halls) and then home. Amazingly, that got me back home 2 hours EARLIER than if my Cinci flights were running.

    So now, sitting back home in a toasty -12F.

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