guilty pleasure

Yes, I admit it, I’ve had this video on loop for the last half hour. So funny!

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  1. do {
    } while (1);

  2. no no, dance with the music:

    while( song()) )



  3. Hehe, when Ryan got home today, I had WinAmp on with my DDR playlist. He walked into the room with a look of massive distaste on his face and said, “You’d better not have that dumb flash animation looping, honey.”

    I must get that song.

  4. haha, I had to get it myself. I’ve heard it on XM, and really liked it. I found it and aquired it. It’s by O-zone, and it’s called numa numa. At least the version I have is called that. I’m going to try to figure out more about it at work tomorrow.

  5. Actually, if you look at the music playing on the entry I posted with the link to this, it’s O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei. I think the original song was done by the Romanian band called Haiducii (The Outlaws). There are translated lyrics for both versions (obviously) here.

  6. I have it on my ipod 🙂 Dragonstea Din Tei.

    Gotta love Romanian Euro-pop.


  7. Correction of my earlier comment: while I was searching around the internets, I discovered that the O-Zone version is the original. Apparently another European band (Haiducii) made their own version — same lyrics, different song — and tried to pass it off as their own. Eventually, O-Zone sued them and Haiducii had to pay O-Zone the money they got for the song.

  8. wow, pretty crazy. After reading your middle comment angel, I assumed that the O-zone version was perhaps a remix. Live and learn. Regardless, the song is in the mix on BPM, the XM dance channel, and me likes. (:

  9. Thanks to you and angel, I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day long.

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