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  • There are no less than five bumper skins lying on the side of the highway on my morning commute. They all appeared there recently. Weird.
  • My driver’s door was frozen shut and locked this morning. I had to climb in through the rear hatch. No officer, I am not stealing this rusty truck!
  • It was sixty degrees out yesterday. I was amazed. It’s fifteen degrees out today.
  • Went to an interesting lecture earlier this week on reconfigureable computing. Unlike the current work being done on the matter, this speaker was a proponent of the compiler clueing the hardware how it should configure itself to run given code optimally.
  • Back to Indiana this weekend to continue getting the house ready to sell.
  • This bullet intentionally left blank
  1. I went to a microprocessor presentation recently where the guy talked about throwing everything you possibly can on a die, but turning things off and on as necessary to conserve power. If his opinion carried any weight, current thought in microprocessor design is to have the compiler communicate lots and lots of stuff to the hardware (cache hinting, branch hinting, etc.).

  2. I’d go along with that, my XP-M has about a 2-amp difference between 400MHz and 1.67GHz, but if computers only ran what they used it would be even better. In actuality you can’t really do it that way with a modern operating system, something’s always going to want to use a part of the processor and nothing would really turn off. Asynchronous would mean great power savings, but that’s going to be a design headache most people want to put off as long as possible.

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